LandAir Aerial Photography Technology

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LandAir Aerial Photography uses three technologies to provide you with high quality aerial photos. The perfect elevation for the perfect photograph is important. Our technologies allow us to cover elevations from the ground up.

  • Our aircraft-based aerial photos service is a good starting point for most aerial photography requirements.

  • Our unique Helium Balloon-based technology allows for medium altitude aerial photography. This technology is perfect for capturing Development Views, as well as sharp photos for smaller areas.

  • Our telescoping pole/mast-based photography is the most cost effective. It is perfect for capturing aerial photos of houses and small buildings. It also offers a very unique perspective - allowing for creative advertising and low altitude photos.

We have summarized our aerial photo technologies below. If you have any questions, feel free to
Contact LandAir Aerial Photography for more information.

Aircraft based Aerial Photography

LandAir uses fixed wing aircraft and helicopters to provide traditional quality aerial photography services.

Usually, a ground (car) reconnaissance trip is required to evaluate the photo site providing location feedback to the pilot and lighting condition feedback for the photographer. You can rest assured that the aerial photographs will be of high quality and framed as per your request.

Aerial Photography Aircraft
Aerial Photography Helicopter


Helium Balloon Aerial Photography
Aerial Photography Helium Balloon


LandAir Aerial Photography uses a tethered helium balloon along with remote controls and video-feedback to allow the photographer to capture high quality digital photographs.

The helium balloon is capable of heights of up to 95m or 300 feet off the ground. The remote control system allows for the control of the optical zoom and shutter release while on the ground. The control system also allows the photographer to move the camera in 2 axes (pan + tilt) while it is suspended by the balloon. A wireless video system allows the photographer to review the live camera aerial photo frame allowing the photographer to take the best pictures for the required project.


Telescoping Pole (Mast) Aerial Photography


Aerial Photo Telescoping Pole

For a unique perspective of a small building, home or group of people, we use a Telescoping Pole Based Aerial Photography System. The telescoping pole can be extended up to 15m or 50 feet in height and can be used anywhere a person can walk. The photographer uses the Hand Held Console with eye piece, to control the camera's orientation, while watching the video link to capture the desired photographs. Photographs from heights up to 50 feet can be achieved in a cost effective manner.